More About Briggs

Hey You!!

Thanks for stopping by my site! Let me give you a little bit more info about me!

I’m a late twenty-something(lol thought I was going to say it? naaahhhh), Mother of two. I graduated from NC A&T c/o ’12 with my B.A. in Romance Languages, with a concentration in Spanish. Currently, I’m seeking my Masters in Creative Writing from Full Sail University!

When I’m not working. I’m most likely to be found with a book in my hand.. or my phone lol or spending time with my loved ones and friends.  I’ve always had a love for writing for as long as  I can remember.

Some time ago I decided to write a blog… long before they became as popular as they are now. lol

This blog is about my life, you’re likely to find posts about my family, my love life and my walk with the good Lord. I mean, listen this isn’t a sugar-coated life. My post will be fully transparent and for the most part grammatically incorrect!  I hope that you can take something from my life experiences. I hope that of all things, you are encouraged after reading!  I hope you enjoy!

Welcome to The Briggs Life!