The race.

I think its funny how we claiming the same things…in the same competition… both trying to win…. who is in the lead? The announcer never says.…nor do either of us really wanna know. Constantly checking stats to see where the others at. Keeping silent tabs.  And u didn’t think i knew? With all the words escaping ur mouth into anothers ear were just delivered to me when the when blew.It makes me wonder when the race even started. Soft spoken. Taking my time to finish this race. Keeping a slow and steady pace. It never had to be this way. Smh. No never intended for it to be this way. But if im put here how dare i not try to win the race!? Giving it my all with ever step and breath? I admit sometimes im ready quit because maybe the race is rigged and you’ve already won.  But i guess as far as im concerned the fun has just begun and at the sound of the gun we’ll go for lap two.…

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