Chocolate Bliss

My chocolate bliss is a Sweet escape… from everything I’ve ever known. All the lies all the wrong… as lauryn hill said he’s  “the sweetest thing I’ve ever known.”…
My Chocolate bliss about 5’8 give or take. Keeps a nice fade every now and then a close cut. Never looks ruff. This mans hands are truly gifted……they can turn something simple into a beautiful picture …oh and did i forget to mention how i love when they touch me? but that’s a different story. I love his chocolate kisses. Like hersheys kisses they’re so sweet. His lips soft as the inside of a rose. Ha. Smh. Heaven only knows the joys this man brings to my world…
My chocolate bliss has a smile that brightens my darkest day. I want be able to do the same for him.  His eyes, beautiful brown eyes sometimes have me feeling like nicki because i know he can see right through me. His brown eyes have hope and determination in them. I love staring in them…
My chocolate bliss is nothing short of amazing. Hes perfectly imperfect and ill take him and be forever grateful.

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