No Feelings

This is the place of no feelings… where its all logical thinking…no time for sinking… sulking… wanting… longing… No feelings meaning “i can’t be concerned” with this or that or who’s turn is it next.  No feelings because soon as u start to feel them u become wrapped up in a whirlwind of emotions that you don’t remember ever feeling. No feelings because its easier to deal in the moments that u think that u can’t handle. Here in no feelings u think clearly and your vision is never blurred. You see everybody for what they’re worth and what they haven’t yet accepted about themselves.  No feelings because some times people feel too much and when they do its hard to distinguish feelings from truth. The most important thing about this place of no feelings is you can always stay true to you and realize that though you may not want what you need, all you need is you. So while you’re here in this place of no feelings remember that you don’t have to validate what you do to anyone ALWAYS stay true to you. 

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