You Live and You Learn

I never realized how ppl in their on manipulative ways could try with every bone in their body make you out to be something you’re not. If you aren’t what they want you to be then you’re all hell wrong… so stuck in their own ways they can’t even see the logical side to things…smh.. idiots. Im my own person. Nobody influences me i make my own decisions…not every decision will be right but at the end of the day it was my decision to be made… I don’t care if ppl don’t like me for this or that. *shrugs* never been in to that.  I let them talk because those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind…right? RIGHT!

So with that being said… At one point or another in life we decide whats important to us. We decide who are our most valuable people and who are the one’s we can live without. One thing i noticed about myself is im quick to weed them out…Idk why  im like this.. Sometimes its easy to figure out who im keeping and who im getting rid of  others well…. it takes a while. Nothing and NO ONE in life is promised….and thats a well known fact. The sooner we accept this the better off some people would be. Sometimes in life we care too much and others not enough. Its hard some times to distinguish when we’re too deep in. At what point is it ok to say “what about me?” Without people feeling like they’re being treated wrong? At what point  is it ok to be selfish? I mean you spend 365 days giving and doing anything and everything to please other people. When is it ok to please yourself?

On to my next point… I keep it moving… this works for me. I don’t dwell in my past…im all about now and my future. Whats done is done… and trust and believe you can’t catch GONE! I forgot what it was like to Love… to laugh… just to enjoy life And then i was reminded why i should do all these things EVERYDAY!  And ill be damned if ill let anyone take this away from me. Watching my son grow every day is a blessing… and when he smiles at me i remember what all my hard work is for. Also  Having someone who understands me for who i am despite my flaws… is something ill be forever grateful for… believe that. In return i will show this man how much i appreciate and adore him for how great he is.. perfectly imperfect and im ok with that. I try my best not to take anything or anyone for granted because you never know how long that person will be around or how long you’ll have that opportunity …like drake said “you never see it coming you just get to see it go”…

Soo at the end of the day im living for ME! Im not worried about anyone around me. I mind my own business and live my life the best way i know how.I’ve heard you’re suppose to love like you’ve never been hurt…and thats exactly what im doing. Not letting my past get in the way of my future. My pride is not an issue and never will be…Not making the same mistakes i made before..when you make mistakes you’re suppose to learn a lesson…if you never learn the lesson what is it worth?

.:Carpe Diem:.

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