Moment of Random Clarity..

I guess sometimes I often lose myself in the outside world… So wrapped up in everything around me that for a split second I forget to think about me…It happens to the best of us. Forgetting all the little things (pieces) that make us whole. Sometimes there are things inside of us that we wish other people could see… Like all the things you know are great about you… but in your own time you will shine brighter than you ever have before… Learning to love you is one of the hardest lessons for some people to learn… I’m thankful I am NOT someone still learning this..

A lot of things make me who I am. A lot of people  have made me the woman I am… Some people played good roles other bad in helping me become who you see before you  but hey.. you take the good with the bad right? Right. SO with that being said we keep it moving. I’ve been through a lot and im thankful for it all…I’ve been pushed, dragged through the mud, walked over, talked about, taking for granted  etc but its all  made my skin a little tougher…I got up and continued on my way… I’ll never let you catch me in a weak moment… don’t get me wrong we all have them…theres a time and place for them.. I’m too blessed to be stressed about anything… I know that everything happens for a reason so I try my best not to question anything..

I am constantly growing… with everything I take in there’s a lesson somewhere in between… the one lesson that I’m still learning is to accept things for what they are.. you can’t change what you’ve done or the things that have happened.. This is and can be hard for anyone because we as people we question what we don’t  understand.. but if we realize everything isn’t meant for us to understand then we will find peace within ourselves..I remind myself this constantly..

It’s crazy to think that even on the bad days everything is going the way they’re suppose to..I realize that these difficult days are put in the way every now and then maybe 6 days out of  7 to see if you really got the lesson you were suppose to learn or to continue to teach the lesson that you need  to and should have picked up on the first time around.. But that’s just my opinion…you don’t have to agree.

My whole thought process has changed… and im glad that it has… I often wonder where id be if I was still in the place I was a year ago… If my mind hadn’t matured…I’m not afraid to check myself before anyone else has or feels the need too.  Im surrounded by wonderful people who all in the own way teach me and help me grow including my son… and for that im thankful..i don’t have to shout out 25 know who you are…i can only hope that the same people im looking at now are the same people around in a few days…weeks.. months..but thats neither here nor there…Im outta here baby *kanye voice*

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