Well… it’s been a minute since i’ve done this. I took a moment to re-read my previous posts and it made me laugh to think of how things have changed so much from then to now. Seems here lately all the things i want to say i can’t put into words, and all the things i can’t say i want to scream out loud!! but that’s for a different day, a different post, a different time. Speaking of time… Time has been the word circling around my brain lately, its been on the tip of my tongue. Questions like… How was the time spent? was the time spent wisely? was the time valued? Was it worth the time?  so on and so forth.  

Today i read a quote that said: “You must avoid people who don’t appreciate or take for granted your time. You must loathe people who waste your time, as that is the most offensive thing any one person can do. Time should always be spent doing things you enjoy and what makes you happy. Anytime you feel miserable change something, and change it quickly. Before your time runs out.” 

I think wasting a person’s time is one of the most selfish things a person can do. Now that’s just my opinion you don’t have to agree. Having my time wasted is one of my biggest pet peeves, so believe me when i say i try to spend my time wisely. The thing that gets me about this quote, is the fact that you could very well spend your time doing something that made you happy at that moment and you enjoyed every minute of that moment.. and then one day that moment isn’t as sweet as it use to be. That doesn’t necessarily mean you wasted time. Right? Life happens, it’s like that sometimes. What i’ve learned in life about time is that your time isn’t always as valuable to other people as it is to you. People will waste your time (if you allow them because people do what you allow, but i won’t get into  that now) and think nothing of it.  My thing about this is, if you allow people to waste your time, or you waste your own time, aren’t you just taking time away from the right time? like all the time you spend somewhere you don’t want to be whether it’s in a relationship, friendship, job, a certain place in the world, etc isn’t that just taking time away from the time you could be spending with the people you want to be with, in the places you want be, basically doing the things you WANT to do. Most importantly doing whatever makes you HAPPY with whomever makes you HAPPY? Im just saying.. think on that.. How are you spending your time? 

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