God’s Not Dead.. So I’m keeping the faith.

Yesterday I decided to go with a few friends to see the movie God’s not dead. I knew nothing about the movie. I only knew the little bit of info my friend had given me. The movie turned out to be nothing short of amazing. I won’t tell you all the details but I encourage you to go see it.

As I’ve been on my journey of getting closer to God and attempting to do his work, I’ve been trying to fight my flesh to walk a straight path. I’ve questioned myself several times about what is it I am supposed to do and how I can make a difference. After the movie I was inspired.

All it takes is one person. One person to stand up for God. Ppl won’t understand your position if they don’t know him for themselves. They won’t understand why you no longer do the things you do or why you don’t stress about the things that according to them you should be stressed about and why you believe in God the way you do.

I am a friend of God. He’s the one person who has loved me unconditionally despite my downfalls, loved me when I couldn’t love myself. Encouraged me through his word when I couldn’t find encouragement from anybody else. God gave me peace that surpasses all understanding. The things God can do for you, won’t make sense to your senses. And you know how that goes ppl don’t trust what they can’t understand.

As i sat through the movie it all made sense. I needed to continue to put myself in the word. When ppl need advice and/or are lost and don’t know what to do, it is my job to inform them that God can provide them with all the things they lack. Now I will NEVER push my beliefs on to anyone, but If I could just get one person to see God the way I do. Or get them to accept God for themselves then my job has been done.

To decide to stand up for God the
way he continuously shows up and stands up for me was a big step in my life. Choosing him over everything else was the beginning of my new beginning. I’m always keeping the faith in everything I do no matter what the situation looks like.

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