We often call it writers block.

I told myself I was going to start back blogging everyday… that was back in May or maybe April, but it’s safe to say I’ve failed.. for a while my boyfriend would ask “did you write today?” and of course the answer was always no. I’d blame it on writers block or the fact that I was waiting to be inspired lol waiting to “feel” something  lol. Smh. Or was I just being lazy? I’ve had plenty of things happen between April and now that  I could’ve wrote about. Good, crazy and some things that were funny as hell (excuse my language). It’s  so easy to get caught up in an everyday life routine that you “forget” to do certain things or that you make excuses for the things that you say you’re going to do… I asked myself can I really commit to this? Writing every day? I mean as a writer this comes easy but why does it seem so hard? There’s not a day that goes by that I can’t really think of anything to write about.. more times than not I think of something and just forget to write it out  then  I always fall into this black hole where all the writers go…when there are so many stories to be told and you can’t just pick one. I tell myself every day that I will climb out of this hole, pick up a pen and write again. I often find myself sitting at my computer,  starring at a blank screen.. fingers on the keyboard, wondering where do I start, what should I say?…. Not that I don’t have plenty of stories to share, the topic is always there but the question still  remains… what will it be? You decide you want to inspire someone, you want to help someone, you want to vent, you want to share your journey through your eyes with the world.. yet you don’t know where to start..  It could  be about  Motherhood, love, life, work etc.. pick something.. ANYTHING, … It doesn’t matter the topic.. just start… blog… is what I tell myself… write about today’s hell or tomorrow’s wealth… but then I always retreat.. calling it “writers block”  looking for the inspiration that’s already there.  

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