The reward is greater

“The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose is to give it away”

Today I read this.. and in my mind instantly everything made sense. A lot of ppl are on a journey to find what they’re good at(the gift). Most of us wear many hats, meaning we have many gifts. God has given us many talents but how many of them do we actually use? and how do we use them? Most of us for our own benefit.  We set out on this long journey thinking we have to find ourselves, find our “gift” to better ourselves, to better our own personal lives. Whether the goal is to be happier, better off financially or just to say “mama I made it”..

I had a conversation with my aunt Saturday and it was the first time we had talked about my relationship, and my church. The first time we had really discussed God. Now before I go off on the deep end with that let me tell you how that conversation ties into that quote. My aunt told me that we often think or question if something (a sign, a situation, a feeling etc) is God. If this (whatever you may be relating this to) is what God wants for you. The conversation went on and one thing that stuck out to me was when she told me that often times God uses situations to show you who YOU are.. now while you were out seeking to find yourself God has already shown you in your dealings with other ppl or maybe just in different things that you’ve gone through who YOU are, what you’re capable of etc. Again what you were out looking for was there the whole time.

Now lets say you’ve found who you think you are and you’ve defined exactly what your gifts are.. now you have to give it away.. help another person matter of fact how about another generation. How would you feel? Some ppl think “Oh that’s easy, piece of cake” but is it really? Could you really commit to using your gifts to help another? When you think of what you want to be when you grow up (lol yes I said grow up, some of us are still out here trying to achieve our goals) have you honestly thought about how you could help someone else? Or has it always been “how I can help myself” have you always been the focus of the picture or has there been a bigger picture which in return helps you? Think about it.

If you become a better person, so you can help another person, don’t you gain so much more? To find what you’re good at and use that to reach out to someone else? To inspire? Man what if you saved a life? I definitely won’t get into that but really think about it. Sometimes ppl can’t see the bigger picture. Do you think God gave you “gifts” to just twiddle your thumbs with? To only help yourself? Think of your gifts/talents, now what can you do to help another person using those exact things? Once you’ve done that you have achieved your purpose in life.. and the reward is much better than anything money can buy.

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