Case of the EX: The point is to Look for someone UNLIKE you

Ok so im not your average blogger.. I’m pretty sure all five of my readers have picked up on that. I don’t blog every day about the world issues or anything most of you would probably want to read.  My blog is very random. I get on here share what I think and feel about whatever I feel like sharing that day then  months may go by before I do it again. You’re lucky to get two blogs out of me a year.. hey this is my 6th entry this year so if you ask me I’m doing pretty well but that’s neither here nor there.

I just wanted to pull out my soap box and rant a little bit on the topic of HE/SHE will never be Me”.. scrolling through my social media today I found a lot of ppl (some I know, some I don’t know or care to know) ranting  about how their Ex will never find someone like them or how the person that their ex is currently with will never be them.

Ladies AND Gentleman. THAT’S THE POINT! I think it’s ABSOLUTELY ABSURD for ppl to think that your ex is out looking for someone JUST LIKE YOU!  There are several reasons why she/he broke up with you and most of it probably contributes to who you are as a person. Usually (Generally speaking not down to a science) a relationship doesn’t work for several different reasons. To name a few:  Someone is immature, someone is  “gone boy/girl”  crazy(side note: I’m not referencing that someone is all into several ppl of the opposite sex but I am referencing the movie “Gone Girl”  if you haven’t seen the movie then go check it out so you’ll know what I’m talking about, Hell! Google it!) , Timing could possibly be off etc… Hey you could be a good person but the other person wasn’t what you needed for whatever reason.

When that relationship is over MOVE ON!!  There are $7,266,088,539 billion ppl and COUNTING in the world.  $323,276,047 of them are in the United States .  You are bound to find the ONE for you. You’re so caught up on how whoever she/he is dating isn’t and won’t be like you that you’re going to miss the one that is meant for you.   The bigger problem is , if you ‘ve “moved on” and are still referencing that the person your ex is with will never be you then you haven’t really moved on. Get focused ppl! but I  digress .

Why in the WORLD would someone go out looking for someone JUST like the last person they were with? No one wants to deal with the same issues they had out of an old relationship in a new one. A relationship usually does two things when it’s over: 1. Teaches you what you don’t want and 2. Gives you a better idea of what you do want out of your partner.

People the point is to DO BETTER.  Now sometimes ppl don’t do better they go find someone just like the last one and then wonder why it doesn’t work out. Hey… that’s their cup of tea.. I’ll let them have it.. All I’m saying is ELEVATE YOURSELVES!  Leave these crazy exes in the past where they belong. MOVE ON! DO BETTER! If you just so happen to be the ex.. you know the one on their HIGH HORSE claiming that the person your ex is in a relationship with will never be you.. Please go to walmart buy a mirror look in  it and figure out why you are now the ex.. without blaming anyone else… really ask yourself why you are so concerned with the next not being you. AGAIN I say THAT’S THE POINT! Your Ex is in fact in one way or a few other way’s DOING BETTER.  DEAL WITH IT and get your life!

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