Victory and its process. 


 Today my pastor made the statement: “Victory is a process not an event.” Soon as he said it, it was like my perspective shifted.  We all want victory in every area of our lives. Spiritually, emotionally, relationally, in our careers etc. There are a few things we must go through to obtain victory. Victory doesn’t happen in a day. Which I’ve known, yet it was like i just learned it all over again in that moment. I was trying to obtain my victories overnight but I’ve learned  If you want your victory to be great you have to be willing to go through some things in the areas in which you wish to obtain that victory. You also have to be willing to  learn, grow and stay constant. It’s important to stay I touch with God everyday. He is the most important thing in getting to that victory. You have to have a vision in order to gain a victory. You need a vision of the things you want. Where do you want be? See yourself there now? Are you around ppl that have already obtained the victories you’re looking for?  You should be doing things to put yourself on track to get there. God has already conquered the world so you better believe he’s done his part, he’s just waiting on you to do yours. The process that you must go through to obtain these victories will not be easy and there will be times when you want to throw in towel but it important to keep your vision.  God didn’t say troubles wouldn’t come, or weapons wouldn’t form but they wouldn’t prosper. Go through the process. I made a decision to enjoy the process. In doing so I know I have to stay focused on my visions, and I have to do my part to help all areas of my like prosper so that I can obtain the ultimate victory. Will you do the same? 

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