Trust your journey


  It’s so crazy how life works out. You start off as some innocent kid with no cares Or concerns.  Then suddenly you become a young adult, then an adult and you suddenly begin to question EVERYTHING about life. You begin to worry and stress about things that in The end you don’t really have control over.  The storms come and they go.  Then at some point during adulthood you find peace. You can even replace Peace with God. God is Peace just as he is love. You find  Peace within yourself. You start not to be so concerned about things out of your control. You start to enjoy life a little more. You love you a little more. Then love finally works out. Even when you weren’t so sure, you worked at it until you got it right. Noticed I said right and not perfect. The misconception about a relationship is that it has to be perfect. What I love about my relationship at this point in life that we acknowledged that we are not perfect but through communication and great chemistry we have a great relationship. The fact that  we’ve grown individually and together has made things that much better. Right after your love life falls in to place you realize that you are no longer concerned about  naysayers. You’re no longer concerned about anything anyone has to say about you and your life. Trusting your journey, more importantly your season of life helps you to get a lot further in life.  You will be much happier living your life without any cares in regards to what others think. You have to trust that things come to you in due season. There’s a time for everything!   All things work together for your good. Knowing that is enough to keep me focused! Trust your journey!!

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