Blessings on Blessings on BLESSINGS

Disclaimer: The title seemed appropriate lol


When you expect great things you receive great things!  I’ve been praying for a change in my career not because I hate my job or because I’m unhappy with what I do but, because I was in a position not using my degree and where I was working two jobs and still barely making ends meet. If you find yourself in a situation as such know that’s not the life God intended for you live.

One day about a month or so ago on a ride down to see my boyfriend, I got fed up. Tired of the two job life. I made a decision that  I was going to quit my second job. Now initially it was just a thought, something i hadn’t really briefed God on. Once i said out loud that I was going to quit my second job because I had a gut feeling that, working two jobs wasn’t something God intended for me to ever do, I fell silent. In my silence God spoke so loudly to me ” what took you so long.” I begin to think what about all the bills I have to pay? How will I manage to do what I need to do and still be able to provide for my household?  God proceeded to ask me where is my faith, God asked me who was my provider of course he knows the answer to that question but he needed to remind me.

So needless to say I put in my two weeks notice. Within a few days of putting in my two weeks, I received two calls about positions that I applied for at least two to three months prior. I knew it was nothing but God. It was a clear indication that by working two jobs trying to help God help me, I was hindering my blessings. I had two interviews within one week. I was very excited.  One internally within the company I already work for and one externally.

Interview week came and I felt like interview one went very well. Interview two, not so much. I felt like I had bombed the second  interview and not that it didn’t go well, I was nervous about my ability to deliver. The thing about an  interview is that you have to sell yourself. Besides the obvious you have to show them why you’re better than the next person that will come after you.  My lack of knowledge was also against me. Not that I wasn’t knowledgeable about the position but that all state interviews are panel interviews. Something I wasn’t privy to. So I go in thinking I’m going to sit with one person, I sat with three. 

I walked out of there feeling like I blew it. I remember thinking to myself “well, at least I tried.” Life went on, as it always does. I didn’t allow myself to think I didn’t get either position instead I thought positive things. Then a week later,  doors begin to open and by doors I mean opportunities. I was so shocked when I got the call stating I had received the position in which I thought I wouldn’t get.

I recall laughing with God about me doubting myself and more importantly him. Of course I weighed my options but didn’t waste anytime accepting the offer. I mean after all who am I to not walk through an open door.  Along with excitement came the feeling of fear. Fear of leaving my comfort zone, three years after college finally getting to use my degree. Which is a degree in foreign language concentration Spanish. As you know, if you don’t use it you lose it.  At one point I remember the thought of using my degree felt overwhelming.  Just wanting to be able to do my very best. God soon reminded me that life doesn’t happen in our comfort zones and he hasn’t given me a spirt of fear. 

Now as I’m finishing up my two weeks at my current company i can say it has been a pleasure but I am ready for new things! I’m excited to be stepping into a new career in which I can help others and use my degree. I mean really that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do; To be able to assist ppl in any way I can. Not many people can say they went to college and actually use their degree. I’m actually happy to be able to tell ppl I do now. 

Everyone has their own journey and I’ve learned that everyone has their own season. I am very well aware that I have stepped into my season of blessings and unmerited favor! My patience and constant prayer has paid off!  I know it’s nothing but Gods favor and grace that has gotten me this far! 

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