Bridging Briggs

Ok so it’s been a minute.. I thought I had put the whole blogging, sharing your life with the world thing behind me…you know because everyone thinks they’re a blogger.. I guess I was wrong.. there’s still a part of me needing to share my life.. you know my testimonies.. in hopes that it could possibly help another sister (or brother, ya never know) out.

Man it’s been a minute… so much has happened… so much has changed… yet a lot of things are still the same.. you know what they say? And by “they” I mean Corinne Bailey Ray says “ the more things change, the more they stay the same”, and honey let me tell you.. THAT’S THE TRUTH! I mean really.. I’ve accomplished a lot, grown tremendously in different ways.. yet there are area’s of my life that have remained exactly how they’ve always been.. that could be good.. that could be bad but we’ll get to that later.

Let me catch you up… so since “Blessings on blessings on BLESSINGS”.. I received a promotion 6 months into my new career ( throws confetti, Praises to the most high of course), my family expanded, my faith got stronger, the GLOW up became clearer, my love life got a little sweeter and I guess I got a little sweeter too. Lol

So I decided to switch it up a bit, I needed a name change. I realized where I am in life now and where I’m going doesn’t relate to Hellzkisses or who I was when I created the username and blog hellzkisses.. My good friend Jessica agreed it was time to let hellzkisses go. So with the help of the JusticeLeague we decided BridgingBriggs was the best username for the cause.

So I’ve revamped some things.. Switching the focus but the theme remains the same, kinda. This is about my life.. motherhood, my walk with God and my journey in the love realm.  I can’t say I’ll post every day.. you know I do have a life outside of this blogging world but I do plan to update weekly. Maybe.

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