Motherhood x2

So when you’re a first time mother, everyone welcomes you with open arms and stories of how motherhood welcomed them and how they became the great mother they are today.. The good, the bad, the ugly and How to survive it all. With your first child by the time you get them to a place where they’re independent (you know potty trained, eating solids etc) you feel like you’ve made it. You’re kinda out of rookie status, although you acknowledge there’s a long road ahead of you. As the years go by you roll with the punches becoming a better mother with each day and each hurdle you conquer.

My best friend entered motherhood before me (I followed soon after). I was always amazed at how she managed to make things happen. Years went by and then she had baby number two. She didn’t know what she was going to do.. hell I didn’t know what she was going to do but, somehow she made it work. I admired her for her strength in raising two kids. Knowing it wasn’t always easy but she made it work. Still I told myself it won’t be me. I CAN NOT HAVE TWO KIDS! One was more than enough.

When I saw a woman with more than one child, I used to always say to myself “I don’t know how they do it”. When I saw a pregnant woman I’d say “sheesh, lord knows I don’t miss those days”. I mean I vowed in some way or another that I’d never have any more kids after my son. I mean come on now, I gave away and got rid of all traces of baby. Most women have a little keepsake, me (being young) felt like it was un-necessary. I mean I’ll have the memories who needs something physical. Lucky for me my mother (being the wonderful mother she is) stashed away some of his things..

6 ½ years pass after the birth of my son and it happens to me…

ME! The woman who vowed to never do it again, became pregnant…AGAIN!

I noticed, people don’t tell you what happens when you become a mother of two. Yes, TWO (that’s me still wrapping my head around it). How you no longer have time for the things you want to do because you can’t imagine getting off schedule with the kids. If motherhood wasn’t hard enough adding an additional child was like WWIII. I mean really. As if I didn’t have enough to do after working 8hrs I’ve managed to add more to my plate lol I couldn’t imagine it happening any earlier in my life. Like I needed to be 27 and my son needed to be 6 because lord knows if WE were any younger I would NOT be able to do this (exaggeration? A little).

Since I’ve become a new mother…again. I’ve been trying to get the hang of things. Like managing the life of a 6yr old, a 2 month old and trying to maintain my life. And by my life I mean doing things I want to do, hanging with my friends, having girl time, getting my nails and hair done and etc. I mean the whole getting two kids ready and myself, while trying not to forget my ID badge, lunch and phone. *sigh*… Lets just say some days I master it, other days… I tell myself “I’ll conquer it tomorrow”. 

 So in between changing diapers and feedings that are happening every two hours… I still have to manage to be the cool/fun mom who takes her kid to every fun place that she can possibly find or he can think of. I’m sure if he hasn’t asked already (by the time I’m done typing this sentence) he’ll soon say “mommy can we go somewhere fun today” lol… so it’s my duty right? On top of all the things on “mommies to do list” which includes getting him to basketball practice, making sure his homework is completed and dinner on the stove by 6:30pm(seems highly impossible), I have to also make sure to fit in that “fun place” at some point.  


Nobody informed me that I wouldn’t have time for anything! Lol I barely have time to sleep! Lol and trust me sleep deprivation is R.E.A.L! I went into this thinking… “hmmm I’m pretty good with my time management” … I’ve since realized, although I am still good with my time management and I still manage to make it to all my destinations on time (knocks on wood) but, without a checklist I’m bound to forget something. Let’s not discuss how I don’t even have time to think about sleeping or did I mention that already? lol… I’m just hoping that in the new year I’ll be able to pencil myself in…

Being a mom of two although in some moments it’s  hard and exhausting, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I could only imagine what women with 3+ kids go through. Motherhood is difficult! I don’t care how cute our pictures are. It may look easy but it’s HARDWORK!  I commend all the women that have taken on motherhood and all its demands with a smile… and hey here’s to the days that we don’t smile because sometimes we’re just plain tired but, we get right back up the next day and do it all again. We’ll do it until we get it right, because the reward of that smile, whether missing a few teeth or a toothless all gum smile… makes it all worth it 

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