Mistakes into Miracles

Traditionally since today is Thanksgiving, In most homes most people will go around the table stating what they’re thankful for… Usually, you hear people say they’re thankful for family, friends, a spouse, their children and etc. As I was reading this morning, I tried to think of something out of the norm to be thankful for.. then it hit me.

I am thankful that my mistakes have been turned into miracles

That right there covers a multitude of things. Like I can’t even begin to tell you of all the mistakes i’ve made in my 27 years.  Sheesh! I mean can you? Have you ever thought about it?

I remember the days I would make a mistake and i would dwell in it. I mean throw a pitty party and invite my friends. I remember when my mistakes didn’t matter (when i was young and my relationship with God was… there but he was waiting on me to get my life lol). I would do what i wanted, when i wanted, how i wanted, with no regard to my future.

Now Lets be clear, i wasn’t out here doing drugs or anything to that nature but we all have our vices you know?  I remember the exact moment I became totally  aware of the mistakes i was making in life.. now when you think of a mistake it could be anything. I’ll only discuss one..  For example caring what people think about you.


I used to be bound to people.. that was a MISTAKE!  I used to care soooooo much about what people thought of me. How i looked, about me being a young mother, about where I came from( single parent home), about where i lived. I mean it literally killed me when I was judged. Simply because, I’m a good person, with a big heart that has a lot to give the world and i wanted people to see the good in me like i do them.  smh. Let me tell you how i.. and by I, I mean how GOD broke this.

In 2012 when i  FINALLY (after dragging my feet for at LEAST three years) I  joined my church (Abundant Life Church International- Pastor Edward Kirkpatrick) . Now it took me so long because i wondered what people would think..not just friends, family too. It seemed like  for at least 6 months my pastor would end the service with “ Take no care“. Reminding us not take on all of these worldly cares and to cast all cares on to the lord.

The lord really had to deal with me on being bound to people and having all of these cares. I mean, what really matters is what he thinks. People don’t have a heaven or hell to put you in(key thing to remember).  There were days I cried because i used to try with all my power to do “what was right” and I still felt like i couldn’t win.

I had to submit to God. His will. His way. That’s the only way i was going to get past my mistakes. I repented and kept it moving. Once i started making moves God started backing me. Not to insinuate that he didn’t have my back before but,  he was waiting on me to move so that he can show me how he could use my mistakes.

There are people who knew the old me. They knew my mistakes and failures (Things which they thought were  my mistakes and failures but they weren’t) and they wanted those things to define me. God did too. God wanted my mistakes and failures to be used for his glory.

God reminded me that if i’d take my eyes off my problems/mistakes he could do a new thing. Being people bound was the mistake… the miracle was him getting me to a place that despite all the negative things i may have had against me he was still able to use me..God has promoted me when i didn’t feel i qualified for due to past mistakes, God has approved me for things, put me in contact with people who have assisted me with making things happen.  The only thing left for me to do was to share my story with people so that I could in some way or somehow help the next person.

Now i  KNOW, I’m not the only person who has ever been bound to people. In some way or another everyone has cared at point about other peoples thoughts about them. If this is you,  remember to focus on what God thinks of you and that what other people think of and about you is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Live your life! BE YOU!

So as you sit with your family today.. besides the normal things that you’re usually thankful for… take a moment and think. What mistakes have you made? How did God use those things for your good? If you don’t think he has turned your mistakes into miracles, you’re not thinking hard enough.  Give Thanks and pay it forward.  Happy Thanksgiving!



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