First and foremost let me shout out my homie Rizzy for indirectly giving me the idea with this hashtag she posted. #LoveyourselfMore2017 I instantly got hype because it’s inspiring… to me anyway. Simply because We don’t love ourselves enough. Girl you can tell me all day how you love you but if you’re comparing yourself to a celebrity (Everybody wanna be Bey bc she’s killing the game right now), or the next chick/persons life based off any social site or in passing… YA DON’T.. YA LYING! 

Comparison in the smallest way “I wish I had her hair”, “I wish I had that position” “I wish i pushed that whip”( yea I could’ve said “drove that car” but i didn’t want to lol) is the thief of joy(thank you Theodore…Roosevelt that is… moving on). 

Social media allows you to be who you want. It allows you to pretend you’re something you’re not. Some people put too much time and effort into making themselves appear as if their lives are perfect when in reality most of them are struggling with something just like the rest of us. They do it for the gram for validation. Why? Because they don’t love themselves enough.

I mean what happened to being authentic? When did being authentic and unapologetically you go out? Can we pllleeeeasssseee bring it back? 

Think about the things you don’t like about you.. and maybe you don’t hate them entirely but what have you struggled with? Do you dislike your hair texture? Your full lips? Your freckles? I mean let’s be honest.. what are your flaws? What are the things you know about yourself that you dislike? Wish you could do better/change?

Listen im not pointing the finger I have my vices too! I used to dislike having full lips to the point that I would suck my lips in to keep ppl from looking at them. One of my favorite teachers in High school Mr. Butler, used to get on me all the time. Reminding me how beautiful my smile was. So I didn’t caught up on my full lips. I had nothing to be ashamed of.  

Having full lips is just another attribute of being a black woman. I love that about me!

That’s why I’m down for the movement! Because just like other women, I’ve too struggled with the image society has put out vs how God has made me. 

Can’t we focus on accepting ourselves more? Being more of ourselves with no reservations no matter what. Accept what makes you , you. Accept your flaws.. improve what you can, be thankful for what you have and where you are in life. I know what you’re thinking… if only it was that easy. 

If only, society hadn’t set some stupid standard of where you should be in life.. what you should look like.. how you should dress.. what you should and shouldn’t eat.. blasé blasé blasé.. people wouldn’t be constantly stuntin’ for the gram or the book. 

I mean come on! The average girl has to be a Model chick, coke bottle figures, hair down to your behind, eye lashes, full face of make up etc. I mean I get it, some women just enjoy it. And there’s nothing wrong with that. They’re not any less themselves with these things but then there are the other women who are defined by these things.   That’s when the problem comes in! These things SHOULD NOT DEFINE YOU!

So stuck on being the best looking thing out that they have no substance. They’ve forgotten who they are. Comparing themselves to every celebrity or every girl they feel is better than them. 

I mean my pastor to some degree said one time at the end of his sermon (and don’t quote me directly because it was a while ago) “settle this issue. See yourself how God sees you.”

Boy! That’s enough reason right there. You see someone doing their thing..compliment them! Be happy for them. See a woman who’s pretty compliment her. Don’t wish you were her, you don’t know her struggle. God can’t bless you when you’re comparing or hating. 

You insult him when you compare yourself. 

There’s No better you, than the you that you are. 

So commit #Loveyourselfmore2017! Use the hashtag. Remind yourself to refocus on what you love about you and watch your life change! 

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