Mission : Encourgaement

As a late twenty something I’m still finding my place. I’ve graduated college. I’ve started my career. I’ve started my family(admittedly earlier than others) and I’m still on a hunt for more.

The typical things..like getting debt free(we all know student loans aren’t a joke), owning a home, and marriage. On top of all that, I want more. Dying to make a difference. Some how, some way.

Aspiring to inspire.

Every day I wake up on a mission to be the best mother-sister-friend I can be. I also wake up wondering who can I encourage today. Sometimes I ask God to show me who needs encouragement. 

Who can I rub this positivity up on? I mean really. I’ve had a good day if I’ve encouraged someone to hold on a little longer. Reminding them that this battle(you know.. the one we’re all fighting) is not ours. 

I admit. Sometimes it hard. I have days where my own stuff is getting to me… and it seems like those are the days that other people need me the most. So that’s when I push harder to find that silver lining… for me and them. 

I know most ppl hate when I point out the silver lining. I can’t help it. lol it’s how I’m wired. You tell me a bad situation.. I’m almost certain someway I’ll find a way to show you the positive side of it. I mean I can’t even begin to tell you how many ppl have rolled their eyes when telling me something because before they can finish naming all the bad things I’ve started showing them the silver lining.

I recently joined a book club for women called #WCW( Words Create Wisdom). And I absolutely love hearing the other women’s stories of what they’ve been through and sharing what I’ve been through as well. These late twenty something, some early 30s inspire me… to hold on, do better and be better… 

I love connecting and learning people. You never know a persons story… what they’ve been through to get to where they are now… and you also never know what you have that someone else needs…

That’s why I try to give the best of me.. the positivity.. encouragement.. support. Whatever Is needed. There are too many ppl not looking on bright side. It’s time to change that. One smile and silver lining at a time. Be encouraged my friends! 🙂

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