Do it anyway 

One thing im still learning is.. to do the things I don’t really want to do. Being a mother of two I often feel my weeks fly by.. simply because im ALWAYS BUSY! There’s always something to do. Especially since my son is involved in winter basketball. By the time Sunday comes I’m definitely considering sleeping in.

Like this past Sunday.. I started convincing myself on Saturday around 10:30pm as my boyfriend and I started getting ready for bed that I was too tired to go to church in the morning.. I mean I was dragging when Sunday came.. taking my precious time.. but I kept hearing God say.. “Do it anyway” and with every thought that crossed my mind as to a reason why I couldn’t and shouldn’t go to church. He said the same thing,.. so I did it. Despite what I felt like doing.

It hit me… How many times does this happen to me? To you? In life in general? Sometimes Monday comes and I don’t want to go to work (this rarely happens but I have my days), or the baby cries in the middle of the night and im too tired to get up? Or my son waking at 8 on a Saturday and he wants me to fix breakfast but I JUST WANT TO SLEEP IN… needless to say…



Now usually after I take a moment and think of all the reasons I don’t want to do something, I get up and proceed with doing it. I realize it’s all about the attitude you have while doing the things you don’t want to do. I mean I try to be positive about everything NO MATTER WHAT (sometimes this is hard).

A few weeks back I had an opportunity.. that I wanted to do but didn’t really want to do because I was afraid (crazy right) .. afraid it wouldn’t work out the way I wanted it to… so I would talk myself up to do it but talk myself out of it in the same sense. No Bueno.. I realized that was another DO IT ANYWAY moment that I needed to do it and keep a positive attitude about it.. I did it anyway and today I still await the results.

Hmm… If I did all the things I didn’t want to do there wouldn’t be so much to do. Lol… who am I kidding?! … the list of things to do is growing daily.. moral of the story… no matter what happens or what you have to do.. do it any way… whether it’s something you’re afraid to do(you know stepping out of your comfort zone) or something you plain, just don’t want to do. Do it anyway… You might be blessed while doing it.. ya never know.  

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