Past on Replay 

I never realized how people stay so stuck on past things… I mean not just other people but I’ve too been a victim of replaying the past. You know nursing and rehearsing the pain.. the hurt… hey even the good stuff..

I know what you’re thinking.. how can concentrating on the good things of the past be bad!?… I mean if you keep thinking of how good things were in a particular moment in time… longing to get it back…. maybe you’re not longing but wishing you can go back in time… you’ll miss what God is doing now. 

Not only do you miss the “now” you also fail to realize how great things could really be in the moment you’re in. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught myself thinking of past things good and bad…I dont know about you but when I think about the bad things.. I shake my head… like mannnnn I can’t believe that happened… like wth was I thinking!?.. I also realized that in replaying the bad i hadn’t really forgiven people. 

See when you honestly and truly forgive others it no longer comes to mind. You no longer feel any harsh feelings when those past things come up or when you run into someone that you don’t have the best past with. You’ve accepted that things have happened and moved on to a better place. Some ppl say it’s hard to forgive but there are two simple things that make forgiveness easier to do and comprehend: 1. Forgiveness is for yourself, not the other person. 2. You want God to forgive you so you need to forgive others. Simple enough right? Right. 

One day I was thinking of how things used to be when I was in barely adulthood aka my college days before the Kids and before I started to care so much….This was the exact moment when I realized, that replaying the times I felt life was as good as it gets, was hindering me… thinking of how good life was then made me slightly forget how good life is now…

I mean… look at all God has given me. I mean sheesh. If I stay stuck in the old days I would find it hard to be thankful for what I have now. 

As much as the old days were fun… I’m so glad I’ve grown and that God has expanded my territory. I’ve heard my pastor say “God can’t do a new thing in an old place.” 

We want bigger and better things… but we keep replaying the past… good and bad. 

This year I feel I’ve done a better job of not focusing on things of the past. I admit there may have been a time or two where I briefly thought about some things (good and bad) and the moment I allowed myself to drift I lost focus. 

As my pastor (Pastor Edward Kirkpatrick if you don’t know by now lol) says:

Thoughts produce your emotions. 

Emotions produce your decisions. 

Decisions produce your actions. 

Actions produce your character

Character produces your destiny. 

Do we really want our destiny to be determined by things of the past!? I dont know about you but, I don’t. I’ve really been trying to pay attention to my thoughts. Making sure I’m thinking on the right things (Philippians 4:8). Renewing my mind and changing my life. One thought at a time. 🙂

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