A Few Years Down 

As I was sitting around… reminiscing on the year. How so much has happened…. not only for me but for those connected to me, i became excited. I’ve had some good things happen… not to say I haven’t had any bad days in the mix but overall it’s been a GREAT YEAR

Then I thought some more… Christmas on the way (does a little jolly jig)… then I thought. Dang our anniversary is next week. Shheeesssh. Year three came fast…

We have a few years down and hopefully a lot more to go..

It amazes me how much we’ve grown. Growth hurts. Nobody ever grew in any area without feeling the sting of it.. relationships are hard work. You don’t really realize how hard they are until you’re serious about it. 

Until you decide to do your part. 

I remember my days of wanting to throw in the towel. I didn’t want to work hard. I mean, i like to think I communicate well therefore he should always understand me lol well let’s just say the first year he didn’t get it. And i ABSOLUTELY DO NOT like to over communicate. So communication on top of other things.. had me like nah bruh.. 

But we worked through it. 

And I know what you’re thinking “if it’s meant to be you wouldn’t have to work hard for it” … the lie detector test determined.. that was a LIE


Relationships aren’t easy peazy.. I mean think about it. You have your ways, they have theirs. Yeah y’all may have some things in common but until you REALLY know person you have no idea how different you are. lol what’s funny is, when you enter a relationship you enter it thinking… I know this person, we complement each other this will be great. 

You can’t even foresee the bumps that may come. Trust me. No relationship is perfect…therefore we all have our stuff.  

I won’t front for the gram, the book , or the press.. I won’t make it seem like our realationship has been perfect because it hasn’t.  We’ve worked hard at this. 

I could tell you that the most important thing about being in a relationship is knowing how your mate likes to be loved. The things that makes them feel loved as well as truly knowing your partner. I tell my boyfriend all the time…. “I know you better than you know yourself” 

Simply because I pay attention to details. Every. Single. Detail. lol it’s in my nature. When I think about year two I realized how much we’ve grown as individuals which has caused us to grow as a couple. We both have shifted our focus to God which has caused us to not only become closer but allowed us to grow as a couple.

As year three approaches… I pray we remain focused on what’s important and that we continue to grow as individuals so that our unit remains strong… we have two ppl looking up to us… watching our every move. So it’s important that we do this right. Year three will be the best year yet… I mean 2017 is the year to prepare for the promotions that are on the way! 🙂 

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