The Visionary 

You can’t have what you can’t see..

My pastor tells us that often in his sermons. I believe it. I mean, things I wanted previously… I didn’t receive because I had no vision for them. I had no plan to do my part to receive them. Being the daughter of a king, I expected my father to come off his throne and make it happen. 

That’s how it works right? You want it, you ask for it, you get it. Cut and dry right? 


Towards the end of 2016 God had to deal with me on this matter. He is willing and ready to give me my heart desires(that line up with his will of course) whenever I was ready to fully invest in him, write a plan, add some dates (for the ones I can) and work towards these goals everyday.

It hit me like a ton a bricks.. I had the ideas of what I wanted for my life. I knew the areas I wanted to end stagnation in, be promoted in, be successful in and etc. but I’d never really sat down and said this is what I want and along with seeking God these are the things I need to do to attain these things. 

See most of the time we’re wanting things and we only see them. When we don’t have a vision for the things we want, We can’t obtain them. When we allow our doubts to consume us and make us believe that the things we’re wanting is out of our reach or we’re unqualified for we cancel ourselves out. 

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve counted myself out like “why would I get it” or “this probably won’t work out for me” simply because I didn’t have a vision. I had thoughts of what I would like or what I wanted but no vision. 

See I was just telling a friend how I was longing to press further into my relationship with God. My vision for this year is HUGE! and I know if anyone is going to assist me with these things, it’ would be him. 

Not my mom, brothers, sisters, and friends. 


This is the year where I HAVE to stay connect to God BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

The vision I have depends on it! Believe me when i say 2017 is the year of GREATER


All my daydreams (visions) will come into fruition this year! Just watch… or read! I’ll be sure to tell you all about it! As my pastor said on NYE.. The Time is NOW!

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