Seven years of Motherhood 

Dear Son, 
Today you turn seven… seven. I can’t believe it. I’ve been a mother seven years. God knew exactly what he was doing when he gave me you. Man.. the past seven years have been CRAZY! Things have happened that you won’t understand right now but you, my son, have been one of  the BEST PARTS of that seven years. You’ve forced me to grow… you’ve forced me to see things from a different perspective… your whole existence has made me see that the world is sooo much bigger than myself.

 You, my son have been right by my side through it all. And besides God, you’re the one person who has looked at me, seen my mistakes and loved me anyway. The way you love God blows my mind. How can a seven year old grasps Gods love while we as adults struggle still to accept the fact that God loves us unconditionally.

 They say that in heaven children pick their parents. I’m so glad you picked us. Know that no matter what daddy and I love you. We’re here for you. Every day we’re both trying to better ourselves so that we can be better for you. There are things you don’t understand about why daddy and I aren’t together but when you’re older we’ll explain them. I promise. Just know it doesn’t change our love for you. All that we do is for you! 

 My prayer for you is that you continue to be loving and kind. I hope that no matter what life throws your way that you remember that you’re a king and you’re resilient. The favor of God always goes before you. So here’s to seven lol God has given you everything you’ve asked for thus far including a baby sister lol. I hope you never forget how much we all love and support you. We know that one day you’ll be a star and we all can’t wait to hit you with the “remember when”.  Continue to love, push and pray. With love from all my heart. 


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