The Test of Open Doors

I used to believe every door that was opened for me was meant for me to walk through. I mean if I felt God opened that door, I’d run right through it with no regards to anything else. 

I’d do it on a whim. 

Recently, I had a door open. I was ready to run right through it…. until I realized it opened but not on the terms I wanted. I had prayed and prayed and prayed for the opportunity and when it came on terms I couldn’t agree with,  I was stressed.

Why would God open this door on terms I couldn’t agree with?

I mean I was very specific in my prayers…God knows all my needs.. he knows why I need this to work.. he knows why I need this on my terms.  

I went back in forth with myself about this open door. I tried to give myself reasons why I could walk through the door although it wasn’t how I wanted it.  

Instantly  i found myself trying to make it work. 

“Impulsiveness is a sign of immaturity”-Lisa Monique

  I had failed to realize that I was about to move on impulse.  About to walk through a door that was causing so much uncertainty to stir up in me.  

God hit me with Psalm 46:10. I needed to be still. I needed to pray. I needed his wisdom. His guidance. I Needed to TRUST and KNOW that HE IS GOD
I was too uncertain about this open door. 

We all know God is too certain for us to be uncertain about anything. 

Once I settled it in my heart. I knew I couldn’t do it. Although I wanted to so bad. I just couldn’t. 

The impulsive phase of my life has been long gone. 

I realize this open door was nothing but a test. 

A test to see if I was completely trusting God to bring my opportunities on my terms as I asked, or moving ahead of him trying to make things work the way I thought they needed to. 

Where I am now, every move I make, is critical.  I have to make sure I’m staying in line with what God has for me, and moving when he tells me to. Not when I feel like it. 

Sometimes you gotta walk past an open door that looks like what you want because although it looks good, it’s not the right door for you and doesn’t contain all the things you’re believing God for.  

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