We all have distractions.. things that keep our minds busy… keeps us from focusing on the more important things… sometimes these distractions hinder us from seeing the things we actually need to see. 

Last week I realized I was distracted… So distracted that every time my Goals came to mind I would think about it for a split second… then on to the next thing. 

 **begins to scroll through facebook** 

Oh what was I saying?

*takes a selfie post to IG*

Oh yea I would do just that. Not get my plan in motion. What? Oh! Just me? So the rest of you haven’t ever had things you’ve wanted to accomplish and lost focus? Oh that’s why you’re so accomplished now? 

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not coming for anybody I’m just saying.. we’ve all lost focus at one point or another. 

I mean little things can be distractions. Things that you don’t realize are distractions are probably keeping you from focusing right now. 

Maybe you’re thinking about the wrong things.. or focusing on why something won’t work or the timing of something. 

For me, it was a little bit of everything. Too much time on Social media, allowing my thoughts to drift to things I can’t control,  worried about making things happen in my own personal timeline(not Gods) more importantly keeping my goals with a plan of execution in my thoughts and not on paper… me focusing on my busy schedule.. focusing on how I barely have enough free time do something outside of my schedule…

These were all distractions.

Knowing that every move I make(whether I make a move or not)  is critical… I took my plans from my thoughts to paper. 

You know… made them plain. (Habakkuk 2:2-5)

After that I decided it was time to disconnect…. so I could reconnect..

Sunday I sat in church and listened to my pastor preach on the things that God had been slowly giving me a revelation about. It made me happy that I had disconnected. 

Allowing myself to refocus on what’s important… taking my seat back in Gods waiting room.. waiting on my number to be called..

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