Small Victories 

This is short and sweet!

As a mother there is very little time to do all the things you have to do… sometimes you run on E…. other times you run on auto pilot. 

I don’t know about y’all but this week was long for me. Between adulting and taking care of the kids..


As today rolled around I thought about what I needed to do:

  • Wake up, get Cy lunch packed and get Bailee’s bottles packed. 
  • Get Cy to school then Bailee to daycare 
  • Get to Raleigh for training 
  • Try to make it back in time to get Bailee from daycare possibly make it to get Cy from after school 
  • Hit the grocery store 
  • Get dinner fixed 
  • Feed the kids and get them showered and in the bed by 8. 
  • Get the house cleaned. 

Nowhere in there did I have time for a blogging. 

The list may seem simple but, there’s a lot of things that goes into making sure I’m on time. 

Today I managed to get my full list done with the exception of the last bullet. I only got half the house clean… and you know what.. I’m okay with that!  Both kids were fed, bathed and in bed before 7:30. 🙂 

That, my friends, is considered a small victory!!

Now let me go to bed before my alarm decides to beep or the baby wakes ready to eat.  😉

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