Mama’s Guilty Pleasure

Now, let me start by saying I’d like to think that mothers EVERYWHERE can relate to this. 

Today I took the day off… no work… no kids.. nothing to do… no where to be…


Booooyyyyyy(begins to run around excited) it was THE BEST DAY EVER!!
I took my son to school.. we said our usual see you later’s, I love you’s…then it was off to my next destination. 

I went to drop my daughter off… and she’s at the age where she’s starting to notice when I leave her. So I’m just extra happy as I’m dropping her off, knowing what’s waiting for me when I get home (abosulutely nothing). 

As I say my final goodbye I got this look

So I started to feel a little guilty (just a smiget) but I kept on smiling and walking. Lol

I thought to myself. This is tooooo good! There’s no yelling, no crying, nothing to be done but for me to sit on my couch. 

There’s something about having the day off with nothing to do, WITHOUT the kids! 

I mean I love my children, but I know other mothers get it. 

Sometimes you just want some ME time. Where you can just take care of  you. Mind Body, and Soul. 

Sometimes we as mothers need some PEACE AND QUIET

Today was just that for me. 

Time to myself to do exactly what I wanted to do or nothing at all!


I don’t mean to boast (well I kinda do lol) I mastered this day off. lol and I’m excited about it.. can you tell! 

I mean i don’t know about the rest of you moms but I don’t get too many days like today. 

My schedule is so demanding that most days off are filled with appointments, conferences, house work, and/or two kids in need of my attention.

If this is the only day I get this year, I’m thankful! Mama is relaxed,re-energized and ready to conquer the world! 😉 

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