Random thoughts 

When I started this whole Blog thing…well I guess I shouldn’t go that far back.. let me say this; when I revamped this blog thing, I never intend to reference God so much. 

Am I ashamed that I do? Nope not at all. 

I didn’t realize it until the other day in most of, If not all, of my blogs i acknowledge God. It was apparent  in the moment that it crossed my mind, that he’s deeply at work within me so much that I acknowledge him without even realizing it. 

I mean forreal he receives all the glory for the good things happening in my life. I remember a time where I never referenced God. Not in my blog, not out loud, not to my friends, not  at all. 

Now when I say not at all, it doesn’t mean I didn’t believe in him because I always did.. I just didn’t pray, didn’t talk to him, hardly ever thought about him or what he thought about me or anything that I was doing. 

Don’t side eye me.  That was the old me. It took a while for me to build this relationship I now have with God.  

My spiritual journey before was inconsistent. I used to half commit. It wasn’t until I became serious about God that things in my life started to fall in to place and change for the better. 

I find myself longing to be in his presence. Excited to tell the next person about how he can help them, heal them, save them, provide, protect etc. 

I get excited to tell my story now.. mainly because he’s the biggest part of it. He’s always  working ahead of me making sure my path is correct, always walking beside me.. listening to me, correcting and guiding me. Giving me more of him every step of the way. 

I used to be worried what people would think about me referencing God so much, now I could care less. 

Sorry, not sorry. 

He’s everything, therefore in all my ways I will acknowledge him. 



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