It’s Bigger than You. 

So usually when you go through things it’s not quite often that you understand why… in my younger days (not that I’m old or anything lol) I went through a lot of things. 

Some things because I wasn’t mature and others, I had no control over. During those hard times I didn’t understand why.. I didn’t comprehend that I needed those trials to shape and mold me. 

My question and statements back then when something bad happened was “why me!?” Or “it’s just my luck”

I’ve always had this desire to help people, to encourage and uplift them. Show them the silver lining that the naked eye doesn’t always see. 

What I learned is, that in order for God to put me in a position to help people I needed to GROW through some things.  

Growth HURTS


Don’t let anyone else tell you differently. When you go through things.. and grow through them, you get uncomfortable, you feel the sting of the pinch of growth. 

One of the important things I think we often miss during our growth season is that we actually need to take time to allow ourselves to grow and get whatever it is that God is trying to get to us or grow us through. 

We spend too much time trying to hurry through the growth process that we forget that there’s  reason behind the growth. 

We rush to fix ourselves when we should be honest with ourselves about what is really going on and be open to being sculpted by the sculptor. 

It’s important that we remember what we’re going through could be something that God uses to help another person. 

It’s bigger than just you. Somebody, somewhere is depending on your obedience and growth. 

You never know what a person is going through or what they’ve been through. Never judge a person off of something you know nothing about. They could be the same person assisting you when you find yourself in a similar position. 

Your current struggles/trials are BIGGER than you!  Somebody needs you to get what God is trying to teach you in this moment so that you can help them through! You got this! 

4 thoughts on “It’s Bigger than You. 

  1. Good read! Very good! I have a question and Im not sure if you have an email or other method of contact for questions, if so please share. However, my question, I just learned I’m pregnant with my second child and it’s not with the father of my first child. It is however, with my boyfriend of two years, with whom I’ve had challenges (as we all do) with. I’m afraid, not because I don’t want more kids, but because I’m afraid of what’ll happen if we don’t work out. If your relationship doesn’t work, do you ever fear dating again or not being wanted because you have two children? I know only God can give life and this is ultimately a blessing and that He is not the author of fear or confusion. But I’m concerned being a single mom is hard and I’m worried if I’ll be making it harder. Any thoughts?

    • Hey Carmen! Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I don’t have the blog email set up just yet! But stay in touch and I’ll get that info to you! Carmen, motherhood is hard. Single motherhood isn’t any easier but take courage! I don’t fear dating again or not being wanted and neither should you! My thoughts are on things moving in the right direction you know? I know what my Goal is and I’ll get there. In the case that things don’t work, I know I’ll be fine and the children will be as well. And that’s how you should think. See people tend to think that once you have children you’re no longer attractive. You’d be surprise how many people would be willing to be apart of your life EVEN with two kids! Don’t focus on your fears, focus on the gift of life that God has given the two of you. Think positive thoughts daily! There’s nothing you can do to make single motherhood easy ( trust me I know) but don’t cross that bridge unless you have to? Meaning, Don’t overly stress yourself about being a single mom. Hopefully it won’t get to that point for you but if it does know that women do it every day and so can you! Hope this helps! Please keep me posted on how things go!

      • Thank you so very much!! You’re so right! I’m allowing fear and anxiety to control my thoughts. I decided today that instead of waiting for something bad to happen, that I’m going to stay positive and PRAY! Pray for my kids and my relationship and just give it to God. You hit the nail on the head though when you said feeling unwanted and unattractive! And it just sucks that they’re is such a negative stereotype around women with multiple kids! Or women who love The Lord but have kids out of wedlock! But you certainly put my mind at ease and I believe that I can handle this and anything else that may come along with it. I love your post, please keep them coming! I’ll definitely keep you posted as we start this new journey😊 Thank you again!

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