The Briggs Life 

I finally did it…finally fully committed to this blog thing. I purchased my domain name! (Begins to do a little jig) 

I know what you’re thinking, how is this important? Well let me tell you.. I’ve been blogging for about 7 years give or take. I’ve only been consistent with it for about three months (sheeesh posting every week made me feel like I was doing something. I ain’t done NOTHING… yet!).

 I told myself back when I revamped this blog thing, that if I still enjoyed doing it after two months of posting at least once a week, then I would buy my domain name. 

My conditions for buying my domain name would simply be that, I’m truly committed to blogging about any and everything all while committing to being honest and open about my life experiences. Wether it’s about being a mother, my love life, and/or my walk with the good lord. I wanted to be transparent. 

At first the one thing that held me back was EVERYONE and their mama is a blogger! I mean I’ve always enjoyed creative writing.. i like to think I have a way with words, but wasn’t sure if I could actually do it. Share my opinions and be open about my life.
See I remember back in Mrs. Arnold’s 11th grade AP English class in high school(formerly Mrs. Payne) how she had what she called creative Friday’s.  

During creative Friday’s, we could write poems, or a story,  or anything to share with the class. I remember how embarrassed I was, when one of my private poems about a boy I was seeing at the time was read aloud by another student who had some how found it. (Face palm) 

But the reaction from the class was a plus so, from that moment on I started sharing my writings. 

All of that and then some is the reason why I’m here now. 

So attaining my own domain was a baby step in my overall bigger picture of where this blog could lead me! 

So continue to stay tuned! The Briggs Life is on the come up! (Does a little shoulder jig) ✌🏽

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