The Year of Financial Maturity.

Aka… The Year of the BUDGET.

This year my main goal is to better myself in the area of my finance’s. I don’t know about ya’ll but I have some things i would like to accomplish, and i would like to accomplish them sooner than later.

I’ll be 28 this year. I would like to buy a home soon and I know i need to start saving now. Having some extra cash on hand will only help when it’s time to close on my house.

Now, it’s not just about saving for my first home, but for the kids. I mean I know, now that I’m older that it’s important to have money in case of an emergency.

Like it’s a BIG thing to have an emergency fund. You never know what’s going to happen. You can’t be prepared for everything but always prepare for anything!

Now, in order to save money you have to stop yourself from spending unnecessary money. What I like is that not only am I budgeting but, all of my friends seem to be on the budgeting wagon too.  I like to think of them as my accountablility parteners.

I mean prior to this year, we’ve all had a budget but I’m not quite sure anyone really stuck to it. I can’t speak for them but I know for a FACT there were several times where I didn’t stick to my budget and found myself in some sticky situations.

You live and you learn.

See I read an article about a three-day rule. If you have a want…let me repeat that a WANT… something that isn’t a necessity.. something that you CAN live without….something that is not detrimental to your everyday living(I think you catch me drift)  you have to wait three days before buying it. If you still want it in three days then you can buy it.

That’s suppose to cut out the possibility of you buying things on impulse.

Hi my name is Helen and I used to be an Impulsive buyer.

this is the part when you say “Hi Helen” lol

forreal tho. lol

When I was younger I would spend my money however i wanted. If I wanted it, i would buy it . Didn’t matter the price. I could justify to myself reasons as to why i needed something.

And lets be clear that need was a want-need. Not a real need.

Over the years I’ve gotten a lot better about not spending money in this way.

I absolutely can’t be on a three-day rule… to be more realistic.. I need a three-month rule. If i want something that doesn’t align with my immediate goals, i will make myself wait three weeks or more before i will actually purchase it.

It may sound funny but hey it helps.

Usually 9/10 when that time frame has passed I no longer want the thing’s i was so anxious to buy in the first place.

Although we’re only two months into the year, I’m feeling great about my budget. I’ve been doing really well about not over spending. The goal is to not spend so much money on unnecessary things, or on eating out all the time or for things that in the long run will be of no use.

At the beginning of the year i actually wrote out all my expenses. I made sure I had a category for every single thing that i could spend money on. Tracking EVERY dollar that goes out of my pocket.

It has actually helped.

Now, if I could get this whole couponing thing down,  i can save even more money during my grocery store visits!


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