Can Mommy Get A Momcation?

So, today as I sat on my steps listening to my 7 year old cry (over something that he didn’t need to cry about) and listening to my 6 month old go “eeeeee eeeeeee eeeeee” (this is her wining because she want’s to be picked up) i realized that MAMA NEEDS A MOMCATION!


This week went by so fast that i didn’t realize it was really Thursday until 5pm… I can’t think of any point where i actually got to enjoy something that i wanted to do during this week because being a mom means attending to the kids first.

No big deal, I’m not complaining. I love my children and i love everything about being a mother but HONEY  let me teeeelllll you! 

I am long OVER DUE for a vacation.

Now, I love the kids but a momcation has one rule and one rule only: NO KIDS ALLOWED!

I need a beach, a book, a drink (of water of course lol) and nice breeze from the good lord.

I need time to be alone, maybe enjoy some adult company.

See people without kids won’t understand it (not that i expect them to) and the perfect mothers(you know the moms who act like they have it all together and never make mistakes ?)will say “I never need time away from my children, i just love them so much that i never want to be away from them”

Motherhood is exhausting… rewarding but exhausting.

On days like this, I imagine that im sitting under the sun looking at clear blue water having adult conversation.

Bedtime is the best part of a day like today. When these words leave my lips “that’s it, it’s bedtime.”

Both kids are sent to bed so that i can have some quiet time.

You know what i do with that time, besides day dream about the vacation im wanting… i fall asleep.

Let me repeat that: I FALL ASLEEP!

Not purposely… not because there aren’t things to be done around the house or books waiting on me to crack them open… it’s because by the time i play my bed time card, i’m exhausted from the sleep i didn’t catch up on two weeks ago.

And most times we don’t realize how tired we are until we crash… and..

(begins to nod off)

What was i saying?

Oh yea… mama needs a vacation.

The end.


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