Mission: Healthy Living

I’m hesitantly typing this… simply because my 7 month old just fell asleep and lord knows i do NOT want to wake her….

I’ve been thinking about y’all… i wanted to get here to write sooner but couldn’t. Life has been a little busy and on top of my daily routine,  i’ve decided to get back on the healthy wagon… and not just physically… spiritually as well!

I’ve been eating clean for…..about a week now (what you thought i was gonna say a month?!? nahhhh lol one day at a time sis). Initially i thought this was going to be hard, but with meal prepping and being intentional about what i eat,  it has been a piece of cake.

Two children ago i would get fit for my “Summer body” but as you get older you realize…There’s life after summer…

I don’t want to be unhealthy during the fall and struggle during the spring to get right for the summer..

That’s TOO much work!

I’m working on my physical health, i’m also making sure my mind and spirit continue to grow as well.

So lately, i’ve been keeping a low profile from the social networking…reading more books, spending more time in the word, more time with my family and loved ones…focusing more on the NOW than then… you know more on BECOMING than finding.

You know making more Quiet time in my life. I read that intentional quiet time allows you to regroup and be more focused.

So… not only is my hair getting longer… my body getting stronger… my abs are more defined (kinda lol)…. and my peace…. my peace is quiet!


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