Give Me A Minute

So….  As I sit here on this fine Sunday, full of thanks and Grace because HE GOT UP! I find myself full of encouragement and positivity today.  As some of you know, I’ve been entertaining the idea of doing a “mini-series”.

I read somewhere, that  you attract your audience when you write consistently about a particular topic or if you have something like a motivational day or a straight talk day etc…

Well, im not writing daily yet…


I finally got my head around doing a series… It’ll be short and sweet.. but a series nonetheless.

I keep asking myself.. what do people want to hear about? what do people (women) want to read about more? What are some areas that we as women need more improvement? How can I empower and encourage women to improve in a particular area?

I have a few ideas.

So give me a moment. If you check in a few days and see I haven’t posted yet, it’s because I’m gearing up for the start of the series.. so give me a minute.

“I’ll BE BACK”  ** In my Arnold Schwarzenegger voice

Lol,  I’ll Write soon!

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