Spring Break ehh Kinda 

I took a little break.. not that I didn’t have anything to say… I think the 13 drafts sitting in my draft box says otherwise but I just had sooooo many other things going on that I couldn’t find the time to hit publish.. more or less sort my thoughts to write. 

What my time off… or my time off from not writing has taught me that you have to make time for self. (As if I didn’t already know that). 

Somehow (As if I don’t know) my cup became empty. 

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first. 

Giving to everyone else, and doing nothing for self, or not allowing time for God to refill you will leave you feeling dry and unable to assist.

I realized during my time of not writing that it is important that I continue to take my needs to God and the needs of others, so that God can continue to lead me to help them.  

During this time God also showed me that he’s using me for a greater purpose.  I’m learning to steal away from self. A lot of times I allow myself to talk me out of writing a certain piece, or doing something I want to do. 

I’m currently pursuing a few different things that I’m really excited about and can’t wait to share them with you.. when the time is right. 

Because we know timing is everything, right sis?

The series I want to do will be coming soon. I’m making sure I’m putting the adequate work behind what I’m wanting to do. 

I hope all has been well with you all! I’ll write again soon! Promise! 


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