My Motherhood…

First and Foremost let me say Happy Mothers Day!!

One thing we as mothers can all agree on is that being a mother, whether to one child or multiple children is like ten full time jobs in one. We wear multiple hats in motherhood and the job is never done… even when we’re sleeping. 

Speaking of sleeping.. what I realized that being a mother means sleepless nights… especially when you have a baby… see I feel like I had just started to sleep through the night (my son is 7) lol but then I had my daughter and well.. lol so much for that…. 

Being a mom means.. more kid friendly hangouts. Like I find myself asking my friends.. “Is this something The kids can come to?” 😩 like it’s very rare that my friends get me alone. If I don’t have both of the kids, I have one of them. Which means I have to make sure whatever we’re doing is appropriate for the kids or that I’ll be able to participate, because I still have to be attentive to my children. 

Some of my friends get that… some of them don’t. 🤷🏽‍♀️.  Motherhood hasn’t caused me to lose any friends but it has definitely showed me who my real friends are. 

Being a mom means less time for self. We as mothers tend to focus on making sure the kids have everything they need and want. One thing I’ve learned as I’ve come into my motherhood  is that mommy needs time too. 

Early on in my motherhood I didn’t make time for myself…8 months into what I like to call my second round with motherhood I’m finally making time for mommy. Embracing the quiet moments of bedtime. The quietness before little feet hit the floor and words of  “mommy can I” and baby cries begin. 

My motherhood has been so sweet to me. 

Although I often find myself dead tired, looking at a packed schedule, trying to pencil me in, on top of keeping in touch with my friends and family… I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Lately I’d been wrestling with going back to school to get my Masters Degree.

I found myself thinking:

“how in the world am I going to fit school in with two kids?”

 “when will I have time?”

“It’s been 5yrs since I graduated, have I waited too long?”

Regardless I applied to a program.. did some praying…. got accepted… and figured I HAVE to do this… not just because I want to, or not just for myself but because I want my kids to look at me and see that they can do anything they set their minds to. 

Motherhood is still teaching me that patience is STILL a virtue and that I was born for this. I often look at my children and think “God entrusted me with these Tiny humans”

I am truly blessed. 

We don’t pick our children. Essentially they choose us and lord knows I’m thankful that they picked me. They made me a mother, they’ve both helped me grow and appreciate life and the little things a little more. 

Life completely changes when you become a mother. Knowing that you have tiny humans who look at you and see the world. The feeling is unexplainable. 

Motherhood can be exhausting, sometimes I want a break, sometimes I want to be alone… with out them lol, most times I just want to be with them but one thing’s for sure my motherhood has changed me for the better. 

To all the mommies out there striving for better, wanting to do more, please keep pushing.. motherhood can be the easiest hard task you have (I know lol sounds crazy but it’s true). The hard work of motherhood is always worth it! 😘

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