Here’s To Growth

Every so often I get this itch, that makes me want to change… something… anything… everything. Usually the result is my hair being cut or colored. 

In 2013 I did the big chop went natural.. loved every min of it but three years in … life wasn’t what I wanted it to be and I was tired of the natural life so I did it again… 2015 chopped my hair off with a nice relaxed cut….. I let it grow out… but 2016 came… I cut it again…. couldn’t get to the bottom of it. 

Here I am.. 5 1/2 months into 2017 and oops 🙊 I did it again. 

It’s like I go through seasons.. and in these different seasons my hair grows, and then some how, I have all these things that I’ve manage to attach to my hair length. 

I know that sounds crazy.

Last year, I told myself if God blessed me with a daughter I would go back natural. 

So here I am. 8 months into my transition ready for something new. 

Say it with me… |C H A N G E|

There’s something about cutting my hair that feels so liberating. To know my hair doesn’t define my beauty… is like a breath of fresh air. 

I’m embracing my second big chop… although after the cut commenced I immediately felt like 

But now that it’s complete I’m excited about what this next season has for me. 

Until next time ✌🏽

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