The Truth Is…

Long distance sucks…

Now, don’t interpret that as  its the worst thing ever but, I’m no longer pro long distance.

Seeing as to how this is my second long distance relationship…. i’d like think I’m experienced in this field of study.

I’d like to think we both may have been apprehensive about giving it a shot a few years ago.. but here we stand today. Still going strong.

We like to think that our relationship is just like a regular relationship but it’s not. We don’t get to see each other frequently, we don’t go on dates during the week, there aren’t anymore lunch dates (because we used to do lunch dates alllll the time). There aren’t hugs on long trying  days during the week. Only words of encouragement, laughter and conversation via FaceTime or phone calls during the week.

Now we try to fit what regular couples do during the week into one weekend. Yes, two nights and two days to catch up on whatever we may have missed during the week.

At first it was cool. After a while it’s kinda like ok now… when is the distance going to end? Like when are we going to actively end it?

Because that’s the thing about long distance relationships. In order for the distance to end you have to actively decided this is what we’re going to do to end it.

The Truth is…

I’ve  been ready for the distance to end. He knows it. He is too but.. still there’s no definite date as to when the distance will cease to exist.

He’s more content in the “one day” than I am. Now days,  I’m more of a counting the days “one day” ain’t soon enough.

Truth is…

I know it drives him crazy wondering what I’m thinking about the distance between us.

We both know that we have to work hard to keep one another from feeling the distance. He lives on the road.. and regardless of that sometimes we still feel it. 

I asked him a few questions (he’s aware they would be posted in the blog this week lol) and these were his responses :

1. How do you feel about our long distance?

  • It has been an adventure. Highs and lows.

2. Has it really made us stronger?

  • It’s made us more “relationship intelligent”. Compromises, ground rules, communication, etc.

3. When does it bother you most?

  • When I’m having a bad day, at night, Fridays

4. How long would you do long distance?

  • As short of a time frame as possible

5. Is it better than a regular relationship?

  •  There’s obvious pros and cons. Pros = different locations to experience activities in, change of scenery; Cons = physical absence

Now if I were to answer these questions some of our answers would be similar but for 4. I would have a definite answer and 5 my cons might be longer 🤷🏽‍♀️ but only longer because I would think about eeevvveerryy aspect of it.

Maybe I would overthink some things too. 

Truth is the distance is starting to blind me from the positive things we have going on.  I need to refocus.

I don’t know what next week holds but catch me right here next week to find out what my truth will be.

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