Homework. Housework. Hair. 

In no particular order this is my list of things to do today.  

At first I was thinking… oh this will be a piece of cake… then I thought some more about the tasks at hand… and my mind drifted to the pitter patter of little tiny human feet running through the house and their demands that will consume me the moment we get home and walk through the door. 

I think of my  7 year old running in and out of the house because when he goes outside to play he always remembers that one toy he forgot inside….8 toys later there’s  still something  else he forgot…

Never. Fails. 

The thought of toys being spread over the floor to entertain a 8 mo old who doesn’t find entertainment in her toys but in her ability to crawl.. pull up on the table, walk around  it and throw everything on it, to the floor.  Because that’s the way she likes to explore. 

That’s her way of assisting in the housework I have to do. 

She cleans the table for me lol 


I guess in between checking on the kids I’ll be able to clean the kitchen.. the living room will be off limits until both of my tiny humans are sound asleep because Since having children my living room has always been their play room.

Like, it doesn’t matter that my seven year old has his own room that he can go play in. He prefers his toys downstairs. On the floor.  Or he likes to fight off evil villains  that only he can see. So I have to avoid the jump kicks and air punches that are thrown. 

My mind drifts to the reality that I will have to get most of my  housework done with my 8 month old attached to my hip. 

Trust me I’ve mastered doing things with one hand.  

Grad school started this week and I’m determined to get all my assignments in on time and I’m also determined not to procrastinate with my assignments. 

Now, in undergraduate I was a procrastinator and I must  admit that my BEST work was done in procrastination… what can I say? I work good under pressure lol.

5 years, two kids later I’m turning over a new leaf. No procrastination for  me. 

Ok… there might be a little but it’s apart of the creative process. 

Although, I find myself wondering  how in the world am I going to get my work done? I have some reading to do + discussion board + I have to work on a video and the first part is due tomorrow… 

I begin to think I’ll only accomplish these things once the cries of “mommy” and “eeeee” have been quited for the night.  When bellies are full and eyes are closed. 


You would think since I cut my hair I wouldn’t have to do much to it.  And you’re kinda right. It’s low maintenance but I do have a certain way i like for it to look. Since my top is longer than the rest I actually try to style the top every few days. 

It just so happens, my  hair day falls on this already slammed pack Tuesday.  I’d like to think that before starting my homework I could wash and style my hair.  

While I sit under the dryer I can do my reading and write up what I need to submit all while brainstorming how I’m going to put this video together. 

My mind drifts again to the reality that while I wash my hair my daughter will be at my feet crying to be picked up. Then when I sit under the dryer she will be in my lap because for the most part that’s where you can find her when I’m sitting still. And not because I won’t put her down but because that’s where she wants  to be.  If I allow my son to, he will stay outside playing and then come in expecting to continue to play as if his summer break has already commenced. 

It hasn’t. 

I feel that I’m going to go back to the night owl life…
Nah, let’s be honest, I’m usually in bed by 9 during the week. I’ll have to find away to get everything done by then. 😂😂

I guess I should be using my time wisely.. instead of blogging on my lunch,  I should be reading… that way there’s one less thing on my to-do list.  

Pray for me sis, tomorrow if I’m tired you already know why. 



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