The Truth is…

Soul Ties are a….(please excuse my language) 

The Truth is…

I never paid attention to soul ties. I would hear people talk about them often but never really realized the soul ties in my own closet. 

One of the definitions I found was:

Soul tie- the linkage in the soul realm between two people. 

You know how that happens? Through sex…. especially sex before marriage. Aka Pre-Marital sex. 


Now sis, let’s not act like we’re all innocent in this matter. We’ve all dealt with some soulties. Knowingly and unknowingly. 

We never realize how harmful pre-marital sex can be until we’re dealing with these soulties. Carrying the souls of not only the person you’ve laid, with but the people they’ve laid with, and the people, that those people have laid with. 

Scary right? 

No? You don’t agree?

Let’s talk some more…

The Truth is… soul ties can be the root to depression, reasons you can’t let go of the past, negativity, and the reason certain people continue to be in your lives. 

Better yet the reason you allow certain people to stay. 

You don’t hear me tho. 

You don’t always meet the people  whose souls are attached to you… sometimes you do….  I can tell you that those encounters aren’t always the best. 
The Truth is… 

I realized that soulties will put you in a state of carrying other people’s emotions… soul ties can cause you to stop focusing on what matters… you stay in relationships(If there was even a relationship)  longer than you should. 

The Truth is…

Pre-Martial sex is stupid.

It’s all fun and games until you have a soultie that you can’t let go of. It’s fun… right? Until you no longer recognize who you once were. 

The Truth is…

Soulties make you question everything about yourself. You used to be a young vibrant thang… lol now you’re older, bitter, dealing with self doubt, and stuck on stupid… I mean the past. 

Hey, I’ve been there sis, so I get it. 

When you finally get to a point where you’re no longer dealing with a person… the soul tie remains. 

See I know what you’re thinking… “who is she to talk about soulties? She’s clearly had Pre-Marital sex? She has not one but TWO kids out of wedlock?” 

Listen sis, you’re right. It’s no secret that I have had  not one but two children out of wedlock. And You don’t know the struggles I’ve faced cleaning my soultie closet…I’m just here to redirect you. 

Help you think about what you’re doing.. 

I made the shirt and if you pay attention I’m trying to save you from having to buy it…  

Let’s be honest sis, 

The Truth is…
My soulties were formed long before my children were conceived… more or less waaaaay before I thought I would have children.  

Sis, giving the box (yes, that’s what  I call “it”)up to whomever you want, whenever you want is not freedom. Do not be fooled. 

If you don’t believe me… hit me up let’s talk personally. 

You can’t be waiting on your Boaz having Pre-marital sex with everyone else…. 

Break the chains sis, and ties…

*clink clink* 


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