The Truth Is…

Soul weaning is hard….


You never heard of it? 

So, if you don’t know what that is, it’s when you quiet your soul.  You stop allowing things to upset you or cause inner turmoil.

The Truth is…

There’s some things I can’t seem to let go of. Some thoughts or uncertainties that I keep replaying. Things that make me question things.

This is how I know I need to wean my soul from some things.

The Truth is…

I’ve half way committed to weaning my soul from things that aren’t beneficial to where God is taking me. I haven’t completely wrapped my head around why I can’t seem to fully let go of the thoughts, that confine me. 

The Truth is…

The uncertainty within me causes me to sway… the things I feel uncertain about causes me to hold on to the thoughts that I can’t shake. Sometimes I’m good. I can paint the future how I want it to look and I see that I have everything I want/need. 

But there is  this one thing i can’t shake. When my friends mention it,  I sway from the picture I’ve painted. I say something contrary to what I want (Which is dumb by the way). Somewhat wanting them to agree with me so I can feel justified in my thought process. 

See my pastor said 

“being content means enjoying the journey” -Pastor Edward Kirkpatrick 

The Truth Is…

I feel like I’m more than enjoying the journey…I’m LOVING IT

But there’s still this one thing I can’t shake…

The Truth is…

I give my best advice  to everyone else lol I can’t even apply my advice to myself sometimes . lol that’s usually how it works right?  

So baicially my friend and I were speaking the other day and I said 

” do you have uncertainties about this? the reason you’re so easily swayed about this particular subject is because you, yourself have uncertainties about it. So when someone shares their opinion, you sway from your initial feeling due to your inner uncertainty” 

And  she agreed with me… but In that moment  it was like a bell went off. And maybe I had an outer body experience. It’s as if my ears needed to hear that too. 

The Truth Is..

I knew in that exact moment, I needed to take my on advice. I needed to really commit to weaning my soul of the thoughts, I can’t let go of. 

Trusting God means letting go of the past things in their entirety… my thoughts should always be on Him. 

Excuse me while I do some “soul weaning” and renew my mind like I’m supposed to do. 

God can’t do a new thing in an old place. 


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