The Truth Is…

The Truth is…
Consistency is key…

Let me just say this isn’t going to go how you expect it.

Between working a fulltime job, being in grad school full time and taking care of two kids…. I barely have time to think about anything outside of those things… yes even this… I barely have time to write.
I’m trying my best to stay consistent with writing but I find myself slipping.

The truth is…

I’ve accepted that I’m in a phase of writer’s block…

Looking for inspiration yet still failing to be inspired…what happened to you find what you look for? I mean if I want God all I have to do is seek him diligently and he will appear… why doesn’t this seem to work with other things?

I mean doesn’t it work with other things? I feel like to some degree it does.

The Truth is…

If I didn’t get my accountability text…reminding me that it’s time for me to put out more content, I probably wouldn’t be here today…Honestly even as I began to type these words on this page I still wanted to retreat… I wanted to put up a sign that says “The Truth Is… Thursdays are discontinued until further notice…” I wanted this sign to also say… ”The Briggs Life is on vacation… ”

Me being on vacation sounds a lot better than “I can’t think of anything to write about” or “I don’t know what to say”

The Truth Is…

I’ve been slipping a lot lately….and maybe that’s contributed to this writing block I’m facing… Maybe next week I’ll have it together… maybe not… but the show goes on!

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