Can I just stay here?

Sometimes I wish I was a stay at home mom…

I know what you’re thinking… why in the world woud I want to sit at home all day with my children?! Today I looked at my childen as they played wishing other things weren’t always pulling my attention away from them…

If im not working, im cleaning, cooking, doing homework, driving them places or maybe just driving our daily routine.

This year i’ve been trying to relsih in my life.. i’ve attempted to be more present in the moments that are happening when my phone is away, or when im not in front of the computer spilling the beans about my life.

I often look at my children in amazement of God’s ability to make such beautiful creatures.. and often times while looking at them I say a sweet simple prayer thanking God for blessing me and seeing fit for me to mother these tiny humans.

I never wanted to be the mom who worked so hard that she never got to enjoy her children growing up. I know there are some mommies out there holding it down and working two-three jobs, to make sure ends meet and i salute them.

I’ve worked two jobs before and it was NOT fun.

The play money was cool but missing out on time with my son wasn’t.

Now, that i am two in… there’s no way i would add a second job.

As people say, “motherhood is a job in itself.” I would like to side with Shonda Rhimes on this one… “Motherhood isn’t a job…… it’s who you are.” yes she really said something to that extent in her book “The Year of Yes”

I’ve always joked about being a stay at home mom…so i know people don’t take me serious but when this blogging thing takes off… and i’ve been interviewed by Ellen. Yes.. i said Ellen.. because it’s only right that Helen gets to go on Ellen.

**side note*** i’ve been practicing my intro dance for a while now.


Until I get to run a blog full time(from home or anywhere I may be in that particular moment) I guess it’s back to the grind..i’ll just be sure to hug my tiny humans a little tighter when i’m home, tickle them a little harder and continue to tell them how much they are loved.

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