Summer Break is Over 

So it’s been a min… we had a summer break in grad school last week so I took the week off… from everything… 

Well everything but work and things concerning my tiny humans.  It kinda felt good… I wanted to write but then again I wanted to take some time to be alone with my thoughts. 

This has been a busy month…

There’s so much to do and we’re half way through it. I have two weeks left before I move and I’ve packed a total of 1 1/2 boxes. 


Like packing isn’t my strong suit. For some reason I feel I need access to all my belongings, therefore I find It hard to pack anything lol 

I’ll definitely get on it next week. 

So let’s do some house keeping!

The Truth Is series will continue but may not be every week. I’m currently working on our Queen connection series that I’d like to do so, I want to make sure I am putting time into making sure it’s right. 

Plus quality of quantity right? 

I do better creatively when I write when I’m inspired… not because I have to. 

Until next time ✌🏽

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