The Simple Things 

This past weekend I had a chance to get away… I wasn’t sure what my honey had planned, But the idea was that I would be open minded to whatever. I would enjoy myself. 

Now…my friends know I’m not easy to please. I have things that I like a certain way. And my birthday is the ONE day I allow myself to be selfish. lol like i want things my way, this ONE day out the year. 

Heck my man-friend ( you know this is equivalent to boyfriend. Don’t make me explain this again lol) will tell you. Even on our way to our destination, I wanted to hear nothing but Kanye. 
Yeah I said it KANYE WEST

lol I was upset when I couldn’t listen to certain songs. See he had to stream Kanye music.Certain songs couldn’t be played on SoundCloud. Thanks to my lovely iPhone 7plus I couldn’t hook up to his aux cord and play the Kanye I have on my phone(all his albums. Minus yeezus. I  only like 2 songs off of yeezus 🤷🏽‍♀️) because I left my adapter in my car 🙄 lol nevertheless that’s just an example of how ridiculous I can be on my birthday. 

Accept it.  

This weekend reminded me the simple things mattered most. It’s hard for me to finally share a few pics from the weekend because I really enjoyed the moment. I enjoyed being in the moment which I don’t do enough. Where as these may not be the best pictures, I enjoyed every min with my honey and our tiny humans .  The time my little family roamed the streets of D.C. Was in fact priceless. 

Some moments in life are priceless… at 28 enjoying the simple things of life and being present in the moments that matter is my main priority. All while finding balance of course. 💞

Not to mention Beyoncé dropped a picture of the twins on my birthday. Seems like a win in my book lol 🤷🏽‍♀️ 


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