Queen Connection Featuring Queen T

This week Queen T will be telling her own story… But first Let me drop a little somethin’… Somethin…

Here. We. Go..

From the moment I met this Queen, I knew that there was something about her. Let me set the scene… One Sunday evening we had a book club (#WCW (Words Create Wisdom) Book Club) meeting at Maxie B’s and in walks this beautiful girl with this big smile and blonde hair. I remember thinking to myself DANG! She is ROCKING THAT!   She had her Krispy Kreme doughnuts and she was ready for the world… and the word, I should say. What I loved most about this Queen is that when she opened her mouth there was no doubt that she knew that God dwelled within her. She had no apologies for her love for Christ or for who she is. Not only is this queen mastering self-love, she’s making sure that she touching the Queen inside of every woman she encounters.


Meet Queen T:

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My name is Tonieka Lassiter. I am 26 years old. I reside in Greensboro, NC but I am originally from a small town…the Big Ahoskie, NC. I attended Elizabeth City State University and I finished there with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. I am now a graduate student pursuing a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and Development. I can honestly say from the time I was about 10, I knew I was different and I was special…God told me so and He revealed this to me at a very young. I had a relationship with Christ at a very early age and it made growing up a little different for me. My thinking about life was different and more complex than others my age. Everyone knew I was God’s girl through high school and college.

I was a very late bloomer, I was always a pretty girl but I didn’t believe it, in high school I was the girl everyone knew of and liked as a person but I wasn’t the girl every guy wanted. During my senior year in high school, my father passed. This change me, although we weren’t super close…we were close and I needed him. I needed my dad. This broke my heart. I was hurt and I didn’t understand why it had to be him. I didn’t understand why he never told me I was beautiful, he only told me that I wasn’t allowed to talk to boys (lol). I couldn’t accept the fact that I’d never heard him cheering for me at my track meet or being embarrassingly loud at Wal-Mart again. As time went on I really started to feel as if I needed him to be there. I remember feeling as if there was so much he didn’t get to teach and say to my sister and me. It seemed as if there was so much I needed him to say that he did not.

When I got to college I had a serious glow-up (physically). I was the one all my friends would call for prayer and encouraging words and I loved that. It gave me a sense of purpose. However, I still found it hard to accept myself and the woman God was trying to get me to become. I still grieved my dad too.  Upon arriving to college, I had my first serious relationship and it wasn’t all bad but it wasn’t all good either. There were a series of events that left me broken when I left that relationship. I knew that it was brokenness because I found myself feeling as if I was stuck in a revolving door. Same situation different person. Now by no means was I a victim, I just felt as if I could never get it right and like I was the problem. I carried the burden of feeling inadequate through college but I carried it well. This way no one could really see, I never wanted people to see that the pain was that deep.

I finished college and moved to Greensboro with my brother and his family and this is when my perspective on life and my self-esteem changed. I became completely fed up with living life defeated, living in the past, crying over what left or didn’t love me, comparing and forcing. I became at peace with the fact that my dad was gone. I knew that God knew that my sister and I were fatherless here on earth and He reassured me that He would always watch over my mom, my brother, my sister and me.  I begin to pray differently (with Faith and Substance). I remember begging God to take those feelings away from me so that I may see myself the way He did. I would read scripture that revealed how much He truly loved me and I began to refer to myself as a “Queen.” This wasn’t in an arrogant manner, it did not mean that I was above or better than anyone. It did mean that I was saying goodbye to the old Tonieka, the broken me. This was my mindset going forward. I accepted the fact that God wasn’t going to let just any man have me and I accepted the fact that what worked for my friends and others around me was not going to work for me.

I would always receive a ton of Facebook and Instagram messages about how inspiring I was and how I called out the “Queen” in other women and it blessed me. I knew it was pointless for me to have this type of influence and sit on it. I begin to pray about what to do with it and how to move.

I can assure you that everything in my life isn’t perfect. I am still learning and growing.  I’ve had situations come about that knocked me down and I fell short but I learned so much about myself. This story is about a chosen queen, who finally knows who she is and what she was created to do. I now have my own business that God has given to me for the uplifting of His daughters called, “The Queen Life.” I launched my T-Shirt line for the business and God has revealed to me all the ways He wants me to help build and love on His queens. I went from broken to blessed and I know that through the journey it was never about me but about God and His plan for my life. I am now whole and at peace with every painful event from the past. I pray that my story touches at least one person to strive and to keep going. I will arrive at my destiny in perfect timing…in Gods timing…for now, I will continue to enjoy the journey of becoming Queen T.




Well ladies, gents, and BRIGGade if this Queen has taught you anything … it should be that once you believe in yourself, be who you ALREADY are, all while following God’s lead things come together… In HIS time of course!

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know this Queen and sharing her story! Please don’t forget to support this Queen and get your very own “Queen Life” or “Queenin” Shirt. Gents, she hasn’t forgotten about you! She has “King” shirts as well You can find her on IG @__heyqueent

Until next week✌🏽


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