Queen Connection: Featuring Queen​ Tay

Well well well… It’s been a minute I know what yall are thinking… I promised you a Queen connection bout a week ago but what can I say?!? Mama’s been a little busy!

Trust me when I say it was definitely worth the wait!!

This Queen is bringing it all to the table!  Self-Love requires honesty… not just with the people around you but with the person looking at you in the mirror.

Meet Queen Taylor!

Taylor Calamese is a Charlotte native and the owner and founder of TC Lifestyle Fitness. With a Masters Degree in Exercise Sport Science, Taylor applies behavioral and motivational techniques to promote healthy lifestyle practices among various populations.

Her specific areas of focus are: weight management, muscular development, toning, and sculpting. Taylor is widely known for her quick and innovative workouts that promote fat loss and help clients effectively reach their goals. In addition to personal training, Taylor is a Professor at Central Piedmont Community College where she teaches Fit & Well courses along with Aerobics. She also instructs aspiring health professionals and certifies them to become Personal Fitness Trainers through WITS (World Instructor Training Schools).

Since 2015, Taylor has been a regular on Fox 46 News where she shares workout tips with the city of Charlotte. Combined with her experience and passion to shift the attitudes towards being active, Taylor is truly dedicated to empowering others in every aspect of her career.

ME: Taylor, saying that you are successful is an understatement. You are blessed beyond measure!  You and all your Black Girl Magic gives us so much life!!  Did you always know that you wanted to start TC Lifestyle Fitness? How did you know that this is what you wanted to do? How did your faith play a role in your decision to teach and motivate people to live healthier lives? 

Taylor:  Thank you so much Helen! I always knew that I wanted to own my own company because what I envisioned had not yet been created. It’s important that I move in integrity and on my own terms. I worked for businesses where this was compromised so I had to go out and create my own space. My passion has always been grounded in the empowerment of individuals- particularly women of color. TC Lifestyle Fitness is a result of years of struggle, self-doubt, trial, and error and finally the confidence to just go for everything I think I deserve in this life. Faith is the underlying theme in pursuing anything that exists beyond the scope of your comfort zone. I had to recognize that my gifts and purpose in this world far outweigh the fears and “what ifs”. People need me…People’s lives can be changed by me constantly pushing my own boundaries. Faith is trusting in that greater purpose in order to ensure that I am constantly moving in a spirit of servitude and altruism.

ME: You’ve been nominated for the 2018 ECU 40 Under 40 Leadership Awards, That’s amazing! I can’t begin to imagine what mountains you’ve had to move during your journey to get to where you are. What advice would you give to other women in general about reaching their personal Goals? Were there ever times where it was hard for you to stay focused on your goals? 

 Taylor:  The advice I would give over and over to every woman is that you deserve to be successful. You deserve to have it all. And you are more than worthy of accomplishing everything you have ever envisioned for yourself. It starts with self-worth because, without it, you will find yourself sabotaging or questioning all the good things that come your way.

It’s always difficult to accomplish the next goal. It requires me to constantly come face to face with myself and the woman I have decided to be. Staying focused on your goals requires the right people around you and a commitment to ride out the course. People tend to get stuck in the day to day details… I’m okay when things don’t work out exactly as planned. I’ve already envisioned the goal as happening. A little hiccup along the path does not derail me, I simply allow it to guide me to where I truly need to be.

ME: Our generation is constantly being told to fail quickly, to gain success. In other words, you might not get it right the first time but failing brings you closer to success.  What do you think was your most defining moment on your road to success? Was there a moment when everything went according to plan? 

Taylor: Most defining moment had to be when I was deciding between entering the job force or going to grad school. I was so scared and anxious about making the “right” choice. Truth is, the “right” choice or “right” path does not exist-at least not in the way people speak about it. Your path is defined by you constantly having the courage to make a decision. Make a decision. Some people live life so paralyzed because they’ve attached themselves to this idea of making the right decision. Just do something. Continue to wake up everyday and do SOMETHING in the direction of your dream. Even if things don’t work out as you imagine, you know how to redirect. I believe that indecision and lack of confidence are the killers of all dreams. Nothing has EVER gone according to plan… I have these big goals for my life and I’m not attached to the path that it takes to get there. I put in the work and I’m returned the efforts of that work. I take risks… I’m not afraid to hear “no” because if you never try, the answer will always remain no.

ME: Taylor, you seem very confident. Would you say you’ve always been a confident woman? What advice would you give other women in regards to having the confidence to do that one thing they’ve always dreamed of doing?

Taylor: Confidence has been an ongoing process. I suffered from an eating disorder throughout high school and some of college. I would purge my body of the nutrients it needed over and over again because I thought I was overweight. I allowed men (boys) to define what they thought my body should look like. I used to wish that my skin was lighter so that I could get as much attention as the “yellow girls” and “red bones”. I used to dislike everything about myself- down to my high IQ. Today, I absolutely love all the things I once used to loathe. And its funny, the more I like and gravitate towards myself, the more others do as well. I have a daily choice to create the life of my dreams. I am worthy because I am HERE- a living, breathing, human miracle.

Confidence starts with you making a decision that you want to like yourself. How can you learn to like yourself? Exercise…read…write love notes to your self…find people who speak kind to you…speak kind to yourself… repeat affirmations…boss up…and take complete ownership of who you are in this world. Protect yourself from anyone who makes you feel small. You are worthy of being here-conduct yourself as such.

ME: In order to continue to be the amazing woman that you are, it is important that you have time to yourself. With the many things that you do, how do you stay grounded?

Taylor: Wheeeewww. Still finding that balance… But mainly I take the time out to maintain a social life and make sure that I’m taking care of me. If my health fails or I allow my needs to fall to the wayside, I am of no good to anyone else around me. And I read. I love reading. It quiets me and causes me to slow down. And of course I work out. It’s my therapy and space of meditation to thank my body for what it does for me on a consistent basis.

ME: Leaders are told to lead by example. What do you hope women will see when they look at you? What would you want them to learn from your story? 

Taylor: I want women to see that they are worthy of having the best of EVERYTHING. Stop settling for scraps…if you want it-it’s yours. Women have been socialized to be meek and docile and while that has its place, I say “Go get yours!!”. I want women to look at me and see what’s possible when you decide you are worthy of the best. The world literally opens up for you. I want women to learn that there’s no glory in playing small…no journey is perfect, but don’t allow that to be your excuse to live a mediocre kind of life. Whatever you want to do, go do it. Society places so many standards on what women should be, and I live in such a way that they do not define me. Be YOU. Do YOU. Stretch the boundaries. You deserve it all.


WOW!! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Taylor came through with a good word!!! We as women, deserve it ALL… When you wake in the mornings,  be sure to remind yourself that you’re the daughter of a KING and that anything you want you can have.

It’s important that we as women remember that in order to be the light we were called to be we must first acknowledge the light within ourselves. Don’t be ashamed to shine sis, i know it’s kind cliche but, “No One is you, and that is your power”  Know that you’re meant to shine to be the guiding light for other women who are trying to find their way.

No matter your complexion, age, race, You deserve the best. You’re Beautiful Sis! As Taylor said :

Be YOU. Do YOU. Stretch the boundaries. You deserve it all.

Don’t forget to check out Taylor’s site and get fit! Day one starts here! Follow her on IG @prettyfit_trainer and @tclifestylefitness!

She can literally change your life!

Until next time! Talk to you soon!



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