Just a thought…

As I was sitting here working on my homework for this Law class… I’m in grad school which by the way this law class is kicking my butt… never the less I’ll¬†finish strong with an A+ as usual… But back to my morning thought.

So I like to think…. and by think, ¬†I mean I’ll¬†analyze every single thing about a situation. ¬†Until it makes sense… for the most part. Now, ¬†I’ve learned if it doesn’t sit right, ¬†IT AINT RIGHT!


If it disturbs my peace in the slightest¬†bit then I don’t need to be¬†concerned with¬†it.


So I took a break from doing homework to post a daily quote on The Briggs Life IG (@thebriggslife)  and I came across this one.

I could’ve gotten up and shouted!


I mean… this touched my soul… I was informing my girls the other day…. I know that I am called to reach women and in order to do so there are some things I have to do even when I don’t want to. Parts of me that’ll need to share, transparency that I’ll have to show even when I don’t feel like it.

The fact is most of the things I have to do require me to be out of my comfort zone.

Not only that, Since I’ve started blogging I’ve connected to quite a few people who I probably wouldn’t have connected with previously… I can’t decide whether they’re all genuine or not. Some are truly genuine supporters (for that I thank you) ¬†but some aren’t.

I realized that doesn’t matter. And it sure as hell isn’t any of my business.

My assignment is greater than the mere distraction people can bring. ¬†And not just ppl distraction’s in general.

As Sarah Jakes Roberts said,

” I am in a season where I can’t handle any distractions.”

Check it out here. It’ll change your life!

Afterall, I ultimately control what distracts me.

I realized since I’ve been back to this blogging thing that I’ve been quite distracted. I actually haven’t posted as much as I’ve¬†intended¬†to. I mean besides the Queen Connection Series I’ve been pretty distracted with unnecessary things.

So BRIGGade, Excuse my lack of posting. I’ll do better!

Now back to this work!



2 thoughts on “Just a thought…

  1. I recently saw that Sarah Jakes clip on Facebook. I stand with you. Oddly enough this blogging does the exact opposite for me. It makes me feel like my full time job is the real distraction from what I need to be doing- writing. As for school and blogging, I can totally relate. I put off blogging for 3 years until I finished grad school. It was the best decision yet. I hope that you find the balance because your blogs are dope. Keep em coming!

    • Thank you so much! I’m happy to hear that I’m not alone in this blogging world! I definitely feel like this is what I’m supposed to do full time. I know in due time I’ll get there!! I love your blog as well!

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