The Break In 🙃

This morning as the kids and I get ready to leave home to head to our daily destinations I noticed things are a tad bit off….

I mean I unlock the doors only to peep in the window to notice things in my car are not as I left them. Dashboard open, sunglasses holder open, papers in my seat that I’m certain I didn’t leave out.

As a matter of fact, papers I hadn’t touched in at least  month.

It was obvious someone went through my car last night 

I mean I wanted to be upset. I couldn’t find the feeling though. I thought maybe if I called my boyfriend to explain that someone broke into my car last night and went through everything that I’d be able to fester up the anger I wanted to feel.

It didn’t.

See I was up late last night… in the word going over my Pastors sermon about Restoration

Scriptures like Isaiah 61:7, exodus22:1 reminds me that God restores much more than you lose.

As I like to say


So as unsettled as my flesh wanted to be about this mornings events, I wasn’t .

I couldn’t be!

I had a peace that i didn’t understand

Then i remembered.

This is my season for restoration!

So whomever decided to go into my car just gave God another reason(as if he needed any more lol) to restore to me MUCH MORE than I’ve lost!

For that, I say Thank you!

Have a great day ya’ll




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